Subsidizing Old Technology

Both state and federal governments are planning to subsidize old coal and nuclear plants. These subsidies will cost you and me money. The Ohio plans are the further advanced. Our legislature is currently considering adding $30 per year to our bills in Central and Southern Ohio in order to allow two 60-year-old coal plants (one in Indiana) to keep running. People in Northern Ohio would pay the same $30 to keep their two old nuclear plants running.

Meanwhile, in Washington, an obscure government office, known as FERC, is trying to use unsound science to justify subsidies for all coal and nuclear plants in the country. If they succeed, all of us will be paying more for electricity, up to $50 more per year according to a Bank of America analysis.*

We are living in the twenty-first century. Why must wee support these relics of the twentieth?

  • In Jan. 2018  FERC denied the subsidy for coal and nuclear.