Renewable Energy Competitiveness Update

Updated 11 April 2016

Wind Power

Utilities are selling conventional power for 50-65 $/MWh in Ohio (1). Meanwhile energy generate from wind in our region (IL, IN, MI, OH, & WI) is selling from $35 to $ 50 per MWh (2,3). Wind is clearly a cheaper option here.

Solar PV

The competitiveness of Solar is more difficult to judge. In sunnier regions, the price is $50-60 per MWh (4).   Columbus has about 25 percent less sun than cities with recently-installed solar installations (5). So we estimate the price of industrial solar in Columbus to be 25 percent higher or $62-75 per MWh. This price is barely competitive with conventional power in First Energy Territory ($64 per MWh), but high in other parts of the state.


(1) PUCO, Apples To Apples Chart Archive, accessed April 9, 2016,

(2) Ryan Wiser, et al., 2014 Wind Technologies Market Report, Aug. 2015 (n. b. fig. 46)

(3) Michigan Public Service Commission, Report On The Implementation Of The P.A. 295 Renewable Energy Standard And The Cost-Effectiveness Of The Energy Standards, February 12, 2016

(4) M. Makyhoun, et al. Utility Solar Market Snapshot, May 2015

(5) Current Results, Average Annual Sunshine in American Cities,


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