I Have Written a Rant

Ohio energy policy is broken and we are paying dearly to pick up the pieces. Just look at the average family, whose state income tax has fallen by about $300 per year. But this same family has an electric bill that is $300 per year higher than just eight years ago. Their tax relief has gone to the electric company.

Until last year utilities had to supply electricity ever more efficiently every year. These annual improvements were killed by state law. So the utilities can keep operating their old inefficient plants. To keep the electricity coming, PUCO has now imposed a rate-payer-funded subsidy for several inefficient coal plants and a rickety reactor.

Most states encourage renewable energy, but not Ohio. Wind energy has become as cheap as traditional sources. Our state’s reaction has been to throw roadblocks into new wind-farm construction.

In sum, Ohio can look forward to a future of higher electric rates and more carbon dioxide.


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