Green Energy has Created More Jobs in Ohio than Shale

Update of 12 Sept. 2015 posting:

The following quote from the latest Ohio shale jobs survey makes one wonder why the state is pushing shale and discouraging renewables, which provide many more jobs:

“Employment (2011 Q4 to 2014 Q4) … • Core shale-related industry employment (such as pipeline construction and well drilling) was up 7,207 (96.6 percent). • Ancillary shale-related industry employment (such as freight trucking and environmental consulting) increased 8,463 (5.0 percent)”.(a)

Comment: Total shale jobs created since the end of 2010 is 20,064which is far short of the Chamber of Commerce prediction of 65,680.(b)   At the same time there are 89,000 green energy jobs in the state(c) – over four times as many and up 58,000 since 2012(d).


(a) Ohio Department of Job and Family Services; Ohio Shale, Quarterly Economic Trends for Ohio Oil and Gas Industries, July 2015;

(b) Ohio Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation; Economic Potential for Shale Formations in Ohio, n. d.

(c) Environmental Entrepreneurs; “Clean Jobs Ohio”, May 2015;

(d) State of Ohio,  Ohio Alternative Energy Job Survey Analysis February 2013,


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