Fuel Prices Go Down while Electric Bills Go UP

The table shows that fuel prices for electric generation have been declining the past few years. Fuel costs cannot explain the rise in electric bills.

Fuel PercentX Cost, $/BTUX % Drop in  cost
Jan. 2009 Peak since 2009 Current

(Sept. 2015)

Since 2009 Since Peak
Coal 67 2.30 2.49 (Feb. 2012) 2.12 8 15
Natural Gas 18 6.30 7.33 (Jan. 2010) 2.19 65 70


X: Percent of Ohio electricity provided by each fuel in 2014.  Energy Information Administration reports costs in terms of energy per dollar to facilitate comparison (1).


(1) Energy Information Administration, Electric Data Browser, http://www.eia.gov/electricity/data/browser/


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