Ohio Renewable Energy Compliance Costs Don’t Grow


Consumer renewable energy charges required by Ohio law (130-SB310), have remained relatively constant over the years, varying from 50 to 70 ¢ per month even as the renewable energy requirement has risen from 0.5 to 2.5 percent. Overcharges in 2014 and refunds in the first part of 2015 (1) obscure the relative constancy.




Computational Details

I assumed that the typical monthly usage is 1000 kWh, as does PUCO (1).  Consumer charges are calculated as in Ohio Administrative Code Section 4901:1-21-19 (B).


(1) PUCO Chairman Andre T. Porter, letter to Sen. Balderson & Rep. Roegner, 11 Sep. 2015,  http://emsc.legislature.ohio.gov/, click on “Additional Testimony”

(2) Graph sources;

2011: PUCO Case No. 12-2668-EL-ACP

2012: PUCO Case No. 13-1909-EL-ACP

2013: PUCO Case No. 14-2328-EL-ACP (draft)

2014: PUCO Chairman Thomas Johnson, Report to the Energy Mandates Study Committee, 4 Dec. 2014 http://emsc.legislature.ohio.gov/, click on ‘Testimony’

2015: Ref. (1) and IEU- Ohio website, http://www.ieu-ohio.org/mandate-cost-calculator.aspx, accessed 1 Dec. 2015



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