Renewable Energy Does not Hurt Economically

If renewable energy causes financial harm, the effects should show up in economic data. Since Ohio has the least renewable energy of any state in our region (1), compared to the other nine states we should have

  • the lowest unemployment rate; Ohio actually has the fifth lowest. (2)
  • the highest rate of job creation; Ohio actually ranks sixth highest. (3)
  • the best recovery from the recession: Ohio actually ranks third. (4)
  • the lowest utility rates: Ohio actually has the fourth highest. Having more renewable energy does not increase rates(1)

Apparently, there are no benefits to Ohio having little renewable energy.


(1) Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly, February 2015 (annual data for 2014) For the purpose of this comparison, Ohio’s region also includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

(2) Bureau of Labor Statistics, Unemployment Rates for States, Monthly Rankings, Seasonally Adjusted
July 2015

(3) Gallup Latest News, N.D. First, Conn. Last in State Job Creation in 2014,

(4) Recovery from the recession was judged by the percent increase in state gross domestic product from 2009 to 2014;  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Total Gross Domestic Product for Ohio:; Data for other states can be accessed from this web page.


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