Ohio Renewable Energy Costs

The table below shows costs of renewable electricity per household. The entries are costs of renewable energy certificates (REC), which providers purchase to satisfy SB221. Since service providers have historically purchased RECs more cheaply than utilities, it is almost certain that the average household cost in 2014 was less than $1 per month. Cost would be considerably if  they were based on the average price of RECs charged by trading companies that sell them.

Monthly Renewable-Electricity Cost to Monthly Cost at MarketPrice (b)
Year Utilities (a) Service Providers (a) Consumers
2011 28¢ 17¢ (c) 9¢ – 21¢
2012 45¢ 18¢ (c)
2013 (d) (d) (c) 10¢
2014 (e) (e) $1.03 (f) 35¢

(a) PUCO Compliance Reports on Cases 11-5201-EL-RDR, 12-2668-EL-ACP, and 13-1909-EL-ACP                (b) Average annual prices for RECs sold by Marex Spectron and Solar RECs sold by SRECTrade                (c) No costs available                (d) Costs will be available in PUCO Compliance Report (Early 2015)                (e) Costs will be available in PUCO Compliance Report (Early 2016)                (f) Average for utilities, no service-provider information available. Testimony by PUCO Chair Thomas W. Johnson to Energy Mandates Study Committee, December 8, 2014