Talk by Todd Snitchler (Former PUCO Chair)


The talk was on Friday, June 27 sponsored by the Ohio League of Conservation Voters; it was sparsely attended. He noted that the recent restrictive green energy law (SB310) was due mainly to one utility (First Energy) concerned about efficiency costs several years away; otherwise  the green energy law (127-SB221 & 129-SB315) has been working well.

Items of interest involving Ohio’s legislative committee, which will recommend changes to the law, were:

    1)      PUCO and OEPA are preparing a working document (draft final report ?) for them.

    2)      He implied that the law will be modified and not completely killed.

    3)      He mentioned items likely to be included in the working document:

        a)      Restoring combined heat and power and waste heat recovery

        b)      Adding a line charge. This is a ploy used elsewhere to penalize solar installations.



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