“True” Cost of Energy

There is an article on ‘true costs’ for almost every energy technology. Usually these articles start with the price someone pays and adds hidden costs. Then the authors ‘prove’ that the technology is uncompetitive. Such articles are great fodder for those promoting a particular viewpoint. Below is is a random selection of such articles gathered in about two hours via Google. I am sure I could provide a better selection with more effort, but I don’t think it worthwhile.

BIOMASS: Frank Munger, “IG report: ORNL biomass steam plant costing millions more than it should” knoxblogs.com/atomiccity, 27 August 2013

COAL: Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School, “Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: the Life Cycle Consequences of Coal” (c. 2010)


ETHANOL: John Miller, The Energy Collective, . “Is Ethanol a Cost Effective Solution to Climate Change?”, 27 Jan. 2013


NATURAL GAS:  Environment America Research and Policy Center,   “The Costs of Fracking”, September 20, 2012


NUCLEAR: Joseph Romm, “The Staggering Cost of New Nuclear Power”, Center for American Progress, 5 Jan. 2009


SOLAR: Alan M Aszkler, “The Real Cost of Solar Energy”, American Thinker, 11 July 2011


WIND: Jonathan A. Lesser, “The High Cost of Low-Value Wind Power”, Regulation (Spring 2013), pp. 22-27


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